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Weekly reflections

Due Weeks 5–13 by Friday 11:59 p.m.
Length 100 words each
Weight 10%

In place of the in-lecture quiz and survey questions, you will now have weekly questions for reflection on the week's topic. A question for each week will be posted every week, starting in Week 5. It will be due by Friday at 11:59 p.m. in a dropbox for each submission.

Unlike the discussion posts, this is writing for your tutor to read. You get a point for making a good-faith effort to answer the question with your opinion or intepretation in about 100 words. You will have nine questions in the next nine weeks, and you will earn a point for each. The points you received for answering the lecture questions will also count toward your grade on this new assignment. If you did all eight questions so far, then you have received 4 points. This assignment is graded out of 11 points, so you can miss two weeks of lecture questions and/or weekly reflections.

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