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ANTH 2654: Forms of families

NEW: A draft of the 2016 version of ANTH 2654 (last updated 20 June 2016)

Latest draft of the 2015 ANTH 2654 unit outline (last updated 2 July 2015)

This page is a place for material relating to the University of Sydney anthropology unit on kinship, Forms of Families. Forms of Families is typically offered every year in Sem 2, including this year. Right now there's not much to see, but I'll be occasionally posting supplemental stuff here as the semester goes on.

Questions and a word of warning

This site is a supplement to the official course materials. All of the tasks and assignments for the class, plus lecture notes, are on the University Blackboard Learn server. So when Ryan says to look for something “on Blackboard,” or “on the web site,” or “online,” I mean to go here: http://elearning.sydney.edu.au/. This site is an experiment, so don't rely on anything here. If you do have questions or comments about what's here, please do tell Ryan. You'll be helping to make a better site for next year's Forms of Families students!

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