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Online discussion posts and responses

Due Weekly on Canvas (starting in Week 4)
Minimum One reply to a thread, and one response to someone else
Weight 10%

In place of synchronous (real-time) interaction, this class is now completely asynchronous. You still have to do something for the class every week, but everyone can do it in their own time by Friday at 11:59 p.m. each week. We will still interact and talk to each other, but you are no longer required to be at the same place at the same time with anyone else from class.

Every week, you are required to participate in an online discussion with the members of your tutorial group. Your tutor will start several threads in your group on Canvas. The tutor may make one of these required, or say that any contribution can be made anywhere. Every week, you should read the threads a few times to keep up with the conversation, write at least one reply to the tutor's prompt, and write at least one response to another student's reply.

This is a graded assignment, but the grade is based on making a regular effort every week, not on how “correct” or “good” your contributions are. This is a safe space to take risks and go out on a limb. (But, copying directly from another source does not count.) The tutor's questions might ask you to find something in the week's reading, state an opinion, or explain an idea in your own words. Whether it's an opinion, interpretation, or something that is actually right or wrong, your participation online counts toward this assignment. This assignment replaces tutorial participation and is worth the same, 10% of your final grade.

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