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ANTH 3603: Melanesian worlds—Old and new

 Hanuabada, the original village of Papua New Guinea’s capital city Port Moresby inhabited by the Motuan people; with the CBD in the background, circa 2015 (Blades n.d. (circa 2015)).

Description: Welcome to the class ANTH 3603: Melanesian worlds—Old and new. This class will be a new experience for many if not all students. It is an advanced seminar on a special topic in anthropology for third-year students. In it, students work on a single semester-long research project leading to a 10-page research essay. You will draw on what you have already learned and connect it with the ideas and arguments among scholars who study the people, places, and societies of Melanesian region. We will work together to enhance our understanding of this region, but more importantly discover new ideas and new ways of thinking by sharing our different knowledge and perspective on the materials we discuss. This class will help students discover how they each think and what explanations of people’s lives make the most sense and why.

Ryan will be using the Anthrocyclopaedia less extensively for this unit, and students should always go to Canvas for the most recent information about this class and their assignments. Ryan will occasionally post supplementary notes on the weekly pages below.

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