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Module 1 concept quiz

Due 13 March at 5:00 p.m.
Length 10 questions
Weight 10%

Week 3 is the end of the first of the four modules in the class, and a good point at which to check where you are with the basic ideas, and the minimal requirements, for this class. Your first major assignment will be a multiple-choice quiz that will test you on your knowledge and your comprehension of the main ideas covered in class. It will also test you on your familiarity with the basic building blocks of scholarly thinking, such as identifying what is a claim and what is evidence. This assignment is meant to indicate whether or not you have gotten into the right frame of mind for this kind of class, and whether or not you have begun to form the kinds of habits that will make you successful in this class. You will take this quiz in your own time outside of class. It will be available on Canvas after the Wednesday lecture in Week 3.

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