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Comprehensive (open-book, take-home) essay response assignment

Due June 5 at 5:00 p.m.
Length 1500 words
Weight 30%

At the end of this class, we will give you a set of essay questions that each ask you to reflect on the whole semester and integrate and synthesize the facts, examples, ideas, and arguments about one topic. You will be asked to choose two of these, and write a short (approx. 750 word) essay in response. Your essay answers are your opportunity to demonstrate that (1) you understand the main ideas presented in class, (2) you know how to use the scholarly writings we have assigned as sources to find information and to illustrate your ideas, (3) you can see the connections and themes that run through several specific topics we have discussed in class, and (4) that you can formulate your own answer to open questions. The questions you will answer will be available at the end of Week 13. The best way to prepare for this is to study and review each week's material throughout the semester, and participate in class every week. More details on the procedures for this assignment will be given later in the semester. Please note now that the only form of special consideration or accommodation for this assignment is an extension of the deadline. No alternative assignments will be given.

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