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Readings, other class requirements, and online resources

Every week, you will be assigned a portion of a textbook, or another scholarly writing to read for lecture and tutorial. All of the required readings are available as PDFs through the class eReserve list which you can find on the class Canvas site. Most weeks also have optional, supplemental readings, and most of these are available through eReserve as PDFs as well. You are responsible for making sure you have access to all the readings, and if there are any problems with getting a copy of the readings, tell Ryan right away.

In every lecture, we will give you a single multiple-choice question to answer in class (see Quizzes on the class Canvas site). These are meant primarily as a means to give you credit for coming to class regularly. (The lecturer will announce the password in class, and it will only be available on the day of lecture.) They are also good opportunities to check to see if you are following the main ideas in lecture. They are not tests in the sense of high-stakes ordeals that determine your fate. If you've been reading the assigned readings every week and coming to lecture and tutorial every week, you will be able to answer the question with no problem. You will need an internet-enabled digital device such as a smartphone, tablet, phablet, or portable “lap-top” computer. Please bring this kind of technology with you to every lecture.

You can find a weekly guide to the class on the the University's learning managament system (LMS) known as Canvas at http://canvas.sydney.edu.au. Each week has its own topic page where we have an overview of the main ideas, questions for reflection, and an outline or slides of the lectures. We have set up separate pages on the class Canvas site for you to submit the assignments. This site also connects you to the library's eReserve system for online copies of the weekly readings.

Additionally, Ryan has posted supplementary information and outlines for his lectures on this site, http://anthro.rschram.org/1001/2020.

Finally, if you are planning on taking ANTH 1002: Anthropology in the world next semester, you might want to buy a copy of this book, which is assigned in this class and in ANTH 1002:

Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. Small Places, Large Issues: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. London: Pluto Press, 2015. http://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt183p184.16.

You can also download all of the chapters from JSTOR (via the library proxy server). Any edition is suitable, although the page numbers referenced in the unit guides and outline are for the 2015 edition.

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