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Progress report

How is it going? This assignment asks you to write about 300 words, or however much is needed, to tell me how you think your research is progressing. Specifically, I want you to address each of these items:

  • What is your topic and how did you arrive at the precise, clearly-defined topic that you have now. What is interesting or problematic about it for you?
  • What is your research question or questions at this stage? How did you arrive at these?
  • What sources do you have? How did you find them? What methods have you tried and what do you plan to read next? Which sources have been the most useful for facts about your topic? Which help you think about the problems your topic poses?
  • Finally, list all these sources in a bibliography. For each item in your list, add a short annotation after the reference telling me what you think is useful about this specific source. Not all sources are equally useful, but you should say something about each source, including what it is about and what you got out of it.

Keep in mind that this, as before, is a 'progress assignment'. You are being evaluated on whether or not you address each of the above items, but all of these items are part of an ongoing process, too. I don't expect you to have the best version of your ideas at this stage. I do expect you to keep pushing yourself, and I'll be looking at where I can give you a boost. I'd still appreciate it if you would format your writing in a readable way. Make sure your prose is readable. Use complete sentences and spellcheck and proofread your writing. Use the classic format for all written work. Put your name and the date on your work.

You should upload a file with your progress report to the Blackboard dropbox for this assignment by 11 April, 11:59 p.m. Read the instructions on submitting your work carefully.

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