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How this class works

This class is based on a weekly cycle we will follow for the whole semester. The steps in the weekly cycle are:

  • Read the required readings (and, if you want to know more, read recommended readings)
  • Think about what they say and what you think of them.
  • Write something about what you’ve read.
  • Eat some brain candy. Explore the topic of the week through new media, and see how the week’s issues enter into contemporary cultures.
  • Ask questions, discuss, and listen in lecture and tutorial.
  • Receive feedback from me about your ideas.
  • Research, or keep seeking out new ideas and new information towards your main interests.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat…

By completing this cycle each week, you can be sure that each week builds to the next, and by the end you will have constructed an edifice of knowledge rather than collected bits and pieces of information. Also, since this class has one major research project, keeping in sync with the class will also you plan and complete the project.

In this class, there are not many required readings. Although I don’t expect you to spend much time on the required reading each week, I do expect everyone to do something for this class every week and do something toward your own research goal every week for the whole semester.

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