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Do religions mix?

"Syncretic" religion, "creole" culture and the politics of authenticity

Ryan Schram

Mills 169 (A26)


13 April 2016

Available at http://anthro.rschram.org/2667/6


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"Practical" and "ethical" religions?

  • Practical: healing, protection, solving problems
  • Ethical: Being good, achieving salvation, seeking truth
  • From James's perspective, do these ideal types apply to Horizon and Vodou?

Theories of culture and culture contact

  • Diffusionism and historical particularism
    • Diffusionism: Cultural traits or patterns are invented and established in one culture, and then spread to other cultures, leading the recipients to change.
    • Franz Boas (1940, 281): “Each cultural group has its own unique history, dependent partly upon the peculiar inner development of the social group, and partly upon the foreign influences to which it has been subjected.” (Boas 1940 [1929], 286)
  • Creolization
    • Creole languages, e.g. Haitian kreol, Jamaican patois, etc.
    • Ulf Hannerz: creole languages : “creole” cultures
    • The creolization of culture creates a new culture. Is it a “modern” culture? Why or why not?

Syncretic religions

  • What are some examples of religions based on syncretism?
  • Is the Twelve Tribes a syncretic religion?
  • Is the Horizon Christian Fellowship?
  • Is Christianity itself syncretic?
  • What if there are syncretic religions but we do not label them that way? Why wouldn't we?

The term 'syncretism'

  • Alliance
  • Political union
  • Mutual recognition of sacraments
  • Borrowing, corruption, acculturation, transition…

The politics of syncretism and antisyncretism


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