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To be revealed...

To be revealed...

Ryan Schram

Mills 169 (A26)


1 June 2016

Available at http://anthro.rschram.org/2667/13


Bellah, Robert N. 1967. “Civil Religion in America.” Daedalus 96 (1): 1–21. http://www.robertbellah.com/articles_5.htm.

Hirschkind, Charles. 1997. “What Is Political Islam?” Middle East Report. http://www.merip.org/mer/mer205/what-political-islam.

Schram, Ryan. 2014. “A New Government Breaks With The Past in The Papua New Guinea Parliament’s ‘Haus Tambaran.’” Material World: A Global Hub for Thinking about Things. February 9. http://www.materialworldblog.com/2014/02/a-new-government-breaks-with-the-past-in-the-papua-new-guinea-parliaments-haus-tambaran/.

New questions of religion and politics

  • Millennialism and militant subjectivity
  • Christian politics in the Pacific: Posttraditionalism?

Anthropology and religion

  • Religion and collective consciousness
  • Religion as a type of social action
  • Religious experience and subjectivity
  • Religion as moral practice
  • Religious subjectivity and ideologies of communication

What if there is no such category as religion?

  • Are things we label as 'religion' too diverse to have anything in common?

A guide to the unit

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