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Weekly reflections

Due: Every week, Weeks 5–14
Length: 100–200 words each
Weight: 10%

10% of your final grade in this class will be based on weekly reflective writing about what we are reading. Each week, you should submit about 100–200 words reflecting on what interests you about the week’s readings, and what you want to know more about. You get a point for writing a serious, good-faith effort for each week between Week 5 and Week 14.

These reflections are not meant to be tests of your knowledge or your comprehension. When you read, notice what you think is important and what you want to know more about. Think about the connections you can make to other topics and authors from class. Summarizing what you think are the most important points is a good start, and will get credit, but this is not an exercise in demonstrating that you “get” the reading. It’s ok to be unsure, and to go out on a limb.

Ryan will read all of these each week to know what you are thinking, but will not make comments on all of them. If you want more feedback, just ask.

You can submit each weekly reflection as a separate document with a title and date to the same dropbox every week.

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