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Debate brief

Due: April 10 at 5:00 p.m.
Length: 1500 words
Weight: 20%

This essay asks you to develop a case for your preferred side in the in-class debate. Irrespective of which side you were assigned, you should present an argument for the side you support yourself. In this essay, your argument for your side should take the form of a briefing paper for a debate and should include arguments that a debater could use to argue for your position. When you participated in the in-class debate, there were two distinct yet related objectives you needed to aim for. The first was to persuade Ryan of your position. The second was to defend your argument from challenges by the other side. You needed to argue for your position, and rebut the argument against it. In your briefing paper, you need to do both of these things again, but for the side that you personally agree with.

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