Can religion change the world?

Can religion change the world

Ryan Schram

Mills 169 (A26)

31 May 2017

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Religion and semiotic ideology


Liberalism values the message over the code and its context

Many other cultures conceptualize communication in terms of its effects

This is not simply a “cultural” difference in the sense of Us/Them or East/West. To some extent, all cultures have to recognize that communication really happens in the second model. Even if one's ideology places value on the first model, there are still situations in which that gives way to the second.

A claim for debate

Today, I would like to put forward a claim for us to debate:

Historically, religious movements are more effective at achieving social change than any other kind of mass political movement.

We can of course debate the individual terms. Even so, the claim can still be made. Religion has more influence on society than mass participation in politics.

What do you think?

Intersections of religion and politics


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