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Each week, a set of common readings is assigned for class discussion. With one exception, all of the required readings are made available as a unit reader. Where possible, these are also available on the library eReserve. Where online copies cannot be provided, books are on 2-hour loan in Fisher Library. In addition, the lecturers have suggested some supplemental readings, and may also suggest a film or web site. They will provide email instructions on how to obtain material not listed in this outline. There is also a second reader which contains another required text, an extended ethnographic essay by Parker Shipton entitled Bitter Money: Cultural Economy and Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities. Due to library policy, only a portion of this book is available on eReserve, so we strongly recommend buying this reader. Each student is required to ensure they have access to the required readings, so please ask the lecturer or a librarian if you are not sure how to get the assigned readings.

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