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The first big assignment for ANTH 6916 is an essay in which you argue for your interpretation of one example of ethnographic writing you have found on your own.


First, seek out a journal article which presents an ethnographic case study. This is an opportunity for you to practice the skills of finding relevant scholarly information on your interests and thinking through its underlying theoretical perspective.

Second, read the source or sources you have found and think about the ways in which the major ideas from the first part of the unit inform the author's main argument. What perspective is this author writing from? How does this author conceptualize society, culture and the problem of social action?

Third, write an essay which argues for a claim about this author's perspective and application of theoretical framework. In other words, identify what the author's conclusions are, and then answer the question: Why does this author draw this conclusion?

Grading criteria

A good essay will have the following elements:

  • a well-chosen, relevant scholarly source as a topic, and
  • a clearly stated and relevant thesis which answers a question,
  • a developed argument and reasoning which supports this claim,
  • prose which explains and clarifies the ideas and arguments.

And don't forget to...

Be sure to cite your sources, both ones you find on your own, and the readings you use from class.

The paper should be at least 1500 words, or five pages, double-spaced, with 2cm margins on all sides. Use Times New Roman 12pt font. Be sure to put your name, the date, the unit name and a descriptive title on the top of the first page.

The essay is due on the unit Blackboard site by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14.

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