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The past and the present in everyday life

The past and the present in everyday life

Ryan Schram
ANTH 3603: Melanesian worlds
Social Sciences Building 410 (A02)
Week of April 19, 2021 (Week 7)

Slides available at http://anthro.rschram.org/2700/2021/7

Main reading: Epstein (1998); Foster (1992)

References and further reading

Epstein, A. L. 1998. “Tubuan: The Survival of the Male Cult Among the Tolai.” Journal of Ritual Studies 12 (2): 15–28. http://www.jstor.org/stable/44369005.

Foster, Robert J. 1992. “Commoditization and the Emergence of Kastam as a Cultural Category: A New Ireland Case in Comparative Perspective.” Oceania 62 (4): 284–94. https://doi.org/10.1002/j.1834-4461.1992.tb00358.x.

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