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Who, what, and where are the PNG Highlands?

Who, what, and where are the PNG Highlands?

Ryan Schram
ANTH 3603: Melanesian worlds
Social Sciences Building 410 (A02)
Week of March 15, 2021 (Week 3)

Slides available at http://anthro.rschram.org/2700/2021/3

Main reading: Strathern (1973); Wagner (1974)

References and further reading

Strathern, Andrew. 1973. “Kinship, Descent and Locality: Some New Guinea Examples.” In The Character of Kinship, edited by J. Goody, 21–33. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Wagner, Roy. 1974. “Are There Social Groups in the New Guinea Highlands?” In Frontiers of Anthropology: An Introduction to Anthropological Thinking, edited by Murray J. Leaf, 95–122. New York: D. Van Nostrand Co.

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