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Weekly plan of topics and readings

Ryan Schram and Terry Woronov

1 July 2015

Recommended readings are marked with an asterisk. References for all of the readings can be found in the class reading list.

Week Date Lecture topics Assignments
1 July 27, 29 Introduction to the class and key ideas No tutorial this week
2 August 3, 5 Give, receive, reciprocate: The theory of reciprocity. Read: Mauss, Piot, Bohannan* See Blackboard for the assignment and guide to the readings.
3 August 10, 12 Gifts and commodities: The great divide. Read: Christen, Kopytoff, Marx* See Blackboard
4 August 17, 19 The “world-system.” Read: Inda and Rosaldo, Xiang (2007), Schultz and Lavenda* See Blackboard
5 August 24, 26 The commodity body. Read: Scheper-Hughes, Tsing*, Silverman* See Blackboard
6 August 31, September 2 Becoming “global.” Read: Dunn See Blackboard
7 Sept. 7, 9 Morality. Read: Yan Essay due this week. See Blackboard.
8 Sept. 14, 16 Global families. Read: Colen, Masquelier See Blackboard
9 Sept. 21, 23 Alternate modernities. Read: Brenner See Blackboard
Sept. 28 Midterm break
10 October 7 Parallel modernities. Read: Larkin See Blackboard
11 October 12, 14 Mobility. Read: Ong See Blackboard
12 October 19, 21 Gender and globalisation. Read: Xiang (2005) See Blackboard
13 October 26, 28 Review for the exam See Blackboard
14 November 2 Reading period No tutorials
15 November 9 Finals week No tutorials

A guide to the unit

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