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City air makes you free

City air makes you free

Ryan Schram

Mills 169 (A26)


September 13, 2017

Available at http://anthro.rschram.org/1002/7.2


Brenner, Suzanne. 1996. “Reconstructing Self and Society: Javanese Muslim Women and ‘the Veil.’” American Ethnologist 23 (4): 673–97. doi:10.1525/ae.1996.23.4.02a00010.

Supplemental reading

Schram, Ryan. in press. “Religion and economy,” The international Encyclopedia of Anthropology: The Anthropology of Religion (pre-publication draft, 27 November 2015).

Lecture slides

The lecture outline (and slides) for this week's lectures are available at http://anthro.rschram.org/1002/7.1

A guide to the unit

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