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Welcome to ANTH 1002: Anthropology and the Global, 2018

NEW: 2018 Guide to ANTH 1002 (last updated 19 July 2018)

This is the second of two first-year units introducing the discipline of anthropology. Anthropology is a holistic, integrated study of humanity, and as one might imagine for such a broad subject, it has meant and means different things to different people. Anthropologists are very eclectic, and no two anthropologists are alike in their approach. What they agree on is that the study of many different places and ways of life can shed light on questions of universal importance, like whether or not there is such a thing as human nature, and how and why societies change.

In 1002, we approach anthropology by looking at big issues concerning contemporary societies around the world. We are trying to show that anthropology has something unique to say about the big events and trends that call out for explanation and insight. Often apparently new situations, like economic globalization, new technologies and a global ecological crisis can be understood more clearly by looking up close at the cultural context. In other words, we will be applying some of anthropology's master concepts: culture, society, structure, personhood, and value to shed light on consumption, modernity, identity, migration, gender, and religion.

A guide to the unit

Questions and word of warning

In 2019, ANTH 1002 has a completely new format. Some of the materials in this section of the site were created for previous versions of ANTH 1002. Check the date on all of the material to make sure it is current.

The materials on this site were created or updated for 2017, and were progressively updated for 2018 as we went along in the semester. For information on the 2018 class, please consult the 2018 unit outline and the unit guide for 2018 linked above. The 2018 version of the class is basically the same as it was in 2017, with the same readings and topics, but we will make changes as needed so nothing here is set in stone.

This site is meant to be a supplement to the official class materials. For questions regarding your weekly assignments, the essay, the exam, Linda's lectures, and the class Canvas LMS site, you should look at the unit outline and go to the class's official web site at http://canvas.sydney.edu.au. This site is experimental, so make a copy of anything you want to use later for the class. Also, Neil, Linda and the tutors can't help you with this web site. If you have trouble accessing the slides and notes on this site, please tell Ryan and he can send you a copy.

But, if you have comments and suggestions about this web site for Ryan, by all means, let me know. You'll be helping to make a better web site for next year's 1002 students!

Feel free to get in touch with Ryan via his University email (on the unit outline and LMS). For Sem 2, 2018, Ryan's office hours are 11 a.m. to noon on Mondays and Tuesdays, or by appointment, in Mills 169 (A26).

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