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Avoiding marriage, or the infelicity of alliance

Avoiding marriage, or the infelicity of alliance

Ryan Schram

Paper presented to the University of Sydney anthropology department seminar

20 October 2016

Available at http://anthro.rschram.org/talks/avoiding

Key words

  • buʻuna relative, co-totemic or otherwise the 'same' (see taliya)
  • susu matrilineal descent group, or segment thereof
  • boda group (pl. bodao)
  • mumuga 1. founding ancestress; 2. stranger, nonrelative (pl. mumugao)
  • taliya same, alike
  • ehebo one (numeral), unitary
  • natu child
  • tama father
  • natuleiya children of male susu mates
  • tama-o fathers, i.e. the father's susu, e.g. tamaguwao (my fathers)
  • naibole incest, illegitimate marriage

Key phrases

  • “Owa ma mwanem magai ehebo” You and your spouse have one grave
  • “Seʻulu uʻitaʻavivini” Look after your school
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