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Week 11: Neoliberalism and the making of subjects

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Required readings: Gershon (2018), Danaher, Schirato, and Webb (2000), Rabinow (1984)


Danaher, Geoff, Tony Schirato, and Jen Webb. 2000. “Technologies of Governmentality & the Liberal Attitude.” In Understanding Foucault, 1st ed., 89–95. London: Sage Publications. http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/43921210.

Gershon, Ilana. 2018. “Employing the CEO of Me, Inc.: US Corporate Hiring in a Neoliberal Age.” American Ethnologist 45 (2): 173–85. doi:10.1111/amet.12630.

Rabinow, Paul. 1984. “Introduction.” In The Foucault Reader, edited by Paul Rabinow, 3–23. New York: Pantheon Books. http://books.google.com?id=cG5gQgAACAAJ.

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