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Weekly writings

In the weekly plan, each week has a short question or prompt related to the week's readings. Submission pages ('drop boxes') for each week can be accessed through the unit's Blackboard site. These are due by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. before the week's class. They are meant to help you think about the week's topics and prepare for class discussion.

Please note there are 10 weeks available so if you miss one week for whatever reason there is no need to apply for special consideration. However please note that bona fide attendance of at least 80% of the seminars is a requirement for completion of the unit.

While the questions and challenges are big, we do not expect the work that goes into an essay. We are trying to encourage you to take a stand or make a leap into a new area. We also want to give you the opportunity to show us how your thinking process is developing. As such, the weekly writing assignments are graded on a three-point scale based on how much you push yourself. An excellent answer receives three points. An unacceptable answer receives no points. These are also an opportunity for us to give you regular feedback, and for you to reflect on your own progress. If you find yourself getting lots of 1s, we suggest talking to the lecturers in office hours about the themes of the course.

Each writing will be marked on a 0, 1, 2 or 3 basis:

Points Interpretation
3 A sophisticated, incisive response. Go read a classic book in social theory to explore this further!
2 A genuine attempt that demonstrates an adequate understanding of the task and the reading or concept. We look forward to hearing how this develops through class discussion!
1 A genuine attempt but demonstrating serious shortcomings in the grasp of the concept or the reading. Read some of the supplemental readings on this topic; ask Neil and Ryan for advice.
0 Nothing submitted, work submitted late without an extension, or work not a genuine attempt. D'OH!

We may decide to change the week's writing prompt based on how class discussion has been going. Check the instructions on Blackboard each week for the latest. Also, please read the submissions instructions carefully and follow them. It makes it so much easier to provide timely feedback when everything is submitted correctly.

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