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There are three types of assessment in this class. The first is a short weekly writing assignment due on Blackboard every week on Tuesday by 11:59 p.m. before class. These are opportunities to demonstrate your thought process as it is developing, and to encourage you to prepare for active class discussion. The best 10 responses will count toward your final grade (i.e. you can miss two without losing points).

The second is an essay that asks you read a scholarly source which uses ethnography to present a community’s organization and dynamics. You will then make an argument about the theoretical perspective and assumptions which underlie the author’s presentation. The essay allows you to demonstrate your skill in finding relevant scholarly information and to apply the ideas from this class as part of a critical analysis. It is due on Blackboard on 14 April at 11:59 p.m.

The third is a final take-home essay exam. You will have a choice of several short essay questions dealing with topics from the whole unit. They are due on Blackboard at noon on 11 June.

Assessment criteria

The grading criteria for the essay and exam are explained in the instructions for each assignment. The weekly writing assignments are graded on a three-point scale. An excellent answer receives three points. An unacceptable answer receives no points. Students should always try to demonstrate how much progress they have made in understanding the main ideas of this class. If you find yourself getting lots of 1s, we suggest talking to the lecturers in office hours about the themes of the course.

This unit uses standards referenced assessment for award of assessment marks. Students assessment will be evaluated solely on the basis of students’ achievement against criteria and standards specified to align with learning outcomes. For reference to criteria and standards, please consult the grade descriptors for at SSPS at http://sydney.edu.au/arts/sociology_social_policy/undergrad/assessment.shtml

Submission of written work

Compliance statements

All students are required to submit an authorised statement of compliance with all work submitted to the University for assessment, presentation or publication. A statement of compliance certifies that no part of the Work constitutes a breach of Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy.

The format of the compliance statement will differ depending on the method required for submitting your work (see “Assessment submission” below). Depending on the submission method, the statement must be in the form of:

  • a University assignment cover sheet;
  • a University electronic form; or
  • a University written statement.

Assessment submission is online (Blackboard) only

Electronic submission of assessment tasks via the University’s Learning Management System will be required by the due date (see “Online components”).

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