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Formatting and software requirements for assignments

For any document you create, you should always make sure that it is complete, self-contained, and self-explanatory. You want to be sure that anyone who ever receives this document will know what it is, who wrote it, when, and what it is for. So, put your student ID number, the date, the class, and your tutor’s name in the first lines of the first page. Then put a descriptive title on the next line that captures the main idea of your essay.

In order for your tutor to read your work easily:

  • The text should be double spaced.
  • The text should be in Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • The margins should be 2 cm on all sides.
  • Documents over one page should have a footer with the page number.

You can use any word-processing or typesetting software you want, but when you submit your essay here, upload a document in MS Word, RTF, PDF, or OpenOffice format. Do not submit a Mac Pages document, screenshots, images, or any other word-processing format.

As Barney Frank says, “neatness isn’t everything” (Good 2011). And yet, we do appreciate neat, readable documents. For more advice, see Submitting documents with style.

Postscript: How to cite sources, and what style of documentation to use

In anything you write, you need to document your use of other people’s work as sources, of course. You do this by citing the sources you use in the text, and then listing the references to these sources at the end of your document. There are many ways to do this. I generally do not require students to use a particular style, but I do want them to cite their sources completely and accurately. For advice on this, see How to cite sources. For advice on learning to use a bibliography manager to make citing your sources easier, see How to use Zotero to manage a bibliography.


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