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Welcome to the Anthrocyclopaedia

Hi, I'm Ryan Schram and this is a site for my anthropology teaching resources, notes and slide show presentations. Class discussion and lecture is always just a beginning. Whenever I post something here from one of my class lectures, I'll try to tie it to other things from class, other classes, and further resources on the topics and questions. In the future, I am hoping this will grow into a constantly-updated encyclopaedia of anthropology.

What's here

University of Sydney anthropology units



University of Sydney master's of social justice (development studies) units

Miscellaneous stuff

Talks and presentations

What kind of information is here

The pages in this site are managed using a wiki, and so they are meant to be browsed using hyperlinks. Some of the pages are also displayed as slideshows using a system called S5. Presentations are stored as a single article in a page with a title, date and list of references. Unless otherwise noted, I am the author of the content here (for now, at least). While this site is aimed at students in my classes at the University of Sydney, if anyone else finds this information useful, please feel free to make use of it as a source, observing the CC-BY-SA license and the canons of scholarship and academic honesty (in other words, cite your sources).

The logo of this site is a picture of a mwali, one of two kinds of shell valuables used in Kula exchange in the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea. The picture comes from the record for “Shell Armlet, Papua New Guinea, Oceania.” 1933. Pitt-Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/LGweb/body/1933_40_18.htm.

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Comments are welcome. Please get in touch by sending an email addressed to this web domain.

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