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Consumer culture and ecological modernisation

Consumer culture and ecological modernisation

Linda Connor

Mills 235, A26

linda (dot) connor (at) sydney.edu.au

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Graham, Mark. 2016. “Official Optimism in the Face of an Uncertain Future: Swedish Reactions to Climate Change Threats.” In Environmental Change and the World’s Futures: Ecologies, Ontologies and Mythologies, edited by Jonathan Paul Marshall and Linda Connor. London: Routledge.

Wilk, Richard R. 2006. “The Ecology of Global Consumer Culture.” In The Environment in Anthropology: A Reader in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Living, edited by Nora Haenn and Richard R. Wilk, 418–29. New York: NYU Press.

Lecture slides

Linda will post her lecture slides on Blackboard under this week's learning module.

A guide to the unit

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