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 If you have any difficulties logging in or using the system, visit the Student Help area of the LMS site, http://​sydney.edu.au/​elearning/​student/​help/​. If you have any difficulties logging in or using the system, visit the Student Help area of the LMS site, http://​sydney.edu.au/​elearning/​student/​help/​.
-Mobile Learn 
-You can also access your LMS sites via the Sydney Uni App for iPhone and Android. The full set of features available on the mobile app for the University LMS can be found in detail in this PDF document: Features in the mobile App for the University LMS (PDF) 
-To download the University of Sydney mobile app directly to your phone or mobile device you need to be able to access the marketplace associated with your device’s operating system. 
-  *     The iTunes store on your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad 
-  *     Play Store or the Android Marketplace (depending on the phone’s OS) 
-  *     ​BlackBerry App World(r) on your BlackBerry(r) smartphone device 
-  *     Palm App Catalog on your HP webOS device 
-  *     Once you are at the marketplace or app store: 
-  *     ​Search for University of Sydney 
-  *     ​Install the app 
-  *     Open the app and click on the icon ‘Bb Learn’ to access the LMS 
-  *     Login to the LMS with your UniKey and password. 
-  *     ​Important:​ due to the limitations of mobile devices you cannot submit assignments using the assignment tool. You should not complete graded tests (quizzes) using your mobile device due to the possibility of Internet drop out. 
-The University’s Privacy Management Plan governs how the University will deal with personal information related to the content and use of its web sites. See http://​sydney.edu.au/​privacy.shtml for further details. 
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