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Trasnationalism and development


Levitt, Peggy. 2001. The Transnational Villagers. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

For next week's class, read as much as you like from this book on a community of transnational migrants. Chapter 7 will be the focus of discussion, although some background on the arguments of the book will be necessary to understand that chapter. The assignment is to read chapters 1, 2, and 7.

Question of the week

What, if anything, is similar about the MDC and the microcredit NGOs like the Grameen Bank in terms of what they pursue, how they pursue it, and how community members are involved? What does this tell you about the global context for these local initiatives? (For submission on Blackboard as usual.)

Other media

Haughney, Christine. 2011. “Isaac Osei, Taxi Driver in New York and Chief in Ghana.” The New York Times, August 12. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/14/nyregion/isaac-osei-taxi-driver-in-new-york-and-chief-in-ghana.html.

United Nations Development Program Philippines. 2011. The Overseas Filipinos Remittances for Development: Building a Future Back Home (OFs-RED) Project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6sumAF9I5U.

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