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 +# Topic statement #
 +Write about a page describing one possible [[:The Quest:​Choosing a topic|topic]] of your research project as you understand it now, based on your reading. ​
 +This assignment is your first chance to show me what kind of progress you have made. It is also my first chance to offer guidance. While your topic can and will develop and become clearer as you continue to read about it, I am going to be looking for several signs of good progress: ​
 +* Have you found ethnographic sources, like ethnographic books on a single area or type of population? What did you learn from them? 
 +* Have you identified the who, what, where and when of a single topic, and how precise have you gotten about the setting of this research? ​
 +* What is interesting about this topic to you? Why do you care about it? Is there a [[:The Quest:​Choosing a topic|problem]] that you need to solve in this research project? ​
 +* Have you cited the sources you have been consulting. ​
 +Keep in mind that this is a '​progress assignment'​. You are not being evaluated on whether you completed a task, other than, of course, completing the task of writing about something ongoing. Still, please format your writing in a readable way. Make sure your prose is readable. Use complete sentences and spellcheck and proofread your writing. Use the [[Documents with style|classic format for all written work]]. Put your name and the date on your work. 
 +You should upload a file with your topic statement to the Blackboard dropbox for this assignment by 15 April, 11:59 p.m. Read the instructions on submitting your work carefully. ​